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Enjoy High RTPs with Luckyslots

Slot games are a great way to have fun on the online platform. With them, people can click on a few buttons and have the time of their lives as they let the symbols on the reels determine their fate. Unlike other games on online casinos, slot games are really easy to learn because they do not require a special set of rules.

With them, all players would have to know is how they can place their bets for their chosen slots. Since online slots can usually be automated with the help of online casinos, what players can only wish to check is the RTP of their chosen games.

Here at Luckyslots, we made sure that our players will have plenty of slot choices for our players to choose from. Aside from theme variety, we also made sure that we have slots with high RTPs to make playing even better. With that, here are some of our slot games with high RTPs.

Thrones of Persia

RTP: 98.83%

Created by Tom Horn, Thrones of Persia is an amazing slot game that takes its players back to the time where people lived in the city of Babylon under the reign of Cyrus the Great, back when the Achaemenid Empire was still being strengthened. With that, make sure to immerse yourself in their wondrous world full of surprises.

1429 Uncharted Seas

RTP: 98.6%

Created by Thunderkick, this slot game is really known for how well it can bring its players to the deep seas where monsters and prizes await them. By taking a chance on these reels, players will be shown some maps of undiscovered islands where they can head over to test their luck. So, by knowing the creatures that live in the uncharted seas, players will be able to earn prizes as they explore their impressive world.

Happy Ape

RTP: 98.13%

This slot game from Habanero entitles its players to an enjoyable playing experience that titles you to free spins and big prizes in an exciting jungle setting. While testing out your luck, you will be cheered on by the happy ape which is willing to support you throughout your game.

Marching Legions

RTP: 98.12%

Marching Legion from Relax Gaming takes back its players to the time of the ancient Romans. By playing it, players will be entertained by its cute graphics that somehow look like a board game. Aside from having 3D-rendered graphics, this slot game allows its users to enjoy stunning payouts that come with the right symbol combinations.

The Catfather

RTP: 98.1%

Brought by Pragmatic Play, this slot game allows its users to enjoy the fluffiness and the charm of cats. In this slot game, players will be kept entertained by the exciting background music that adds up to the overall appeal of the cats. With several amazing symbols. Players will surely enjoy seeing some cats that look like gangsters and mafias as they spin the reels.

These are just some of the most popular high RTP slots that can be played in Luckyslots. With that, we suggest that you check out these slots and see which ones can make you the luckiest upon spinning them!

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