Basic Explanation for How Live Casino Technology Works

Live casino technology explained using technical terms is a terrible way to welcome a newcomer. This page is dedicated to describing what this technology is, why does it exist, and how it works using general terms.

What is a Live Casino?

Live casino is a type of service offered by casinos through the internet. They often offer games with dealers such as slots, roulettes, blackjack, and baccarat. The idea was to let gamblers enjoy the fun of playing table casino games at the comfort of their home.

However, why is this service needed when online casino games run by flash already exist? The answer is that many players don’t feel safe when playing those games. They do not trust the random-number-generator (RNG) of automated games. Even if they do trust the machine, it is mandated by regulation authorities that slots should return a minimum amount of money to the players. This removes the thrill of gambling digital games.

Live casino offers the convenience and accessibility of online casinos and combines it with the thrill of analogue table games. The dealer and the cards you see on the screen are not pre-recorded. They are real people and parts of the game that are performing in an actual casino while you are viewing them.

Equipment Needed in Live Casino

The game happens in an actual casino. It may be staged in an open lobby where the other casino tables are. It may also be in a closed room to avoid distractions. The table and other elements that are used for the game depend on what kind of game it is you want to play. There could be different tables for the same game in the same casino present on the website. When you choose a game from an online casino, you are choosing the table where you want to play. However, the dealer may not be the same person that was shown in the thumbnail. After all, they have to work in shifts.

Of course, the most important part of this arrangement is the cameras. One should not expect anything less than high-definition from a live casino. After all, the players need to see every detail of the game. One camera is not enough. A live casino uses multiple cameras which lets a software register every detail of the game.

The players participating in the game may talk to each other through a chat. They may also contact a live-chat service if they need help. While the game is going, they will be prompted to place their bets. Once the dealer starts moving, they will be stopped from betting with a notification that says ‘no more bets’.

Every live casino operates with Optical Camera Recognition or ‘OCR’. This is the software that recognizes the gestures made by the dealer and the symbols appearing in the cards. This is the way that the computers register every event in a game as they happen. This is the thing that confirms a player’s winning bet from the other side of the screen.

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