Explaining the Martingale strategy in roulette

Around the world, there are a lot of people who love playing in casinos. With the help of technology, there are also a lot of players who grow fond of these casinos’ online counterparts. There, players can also enjoy the same winning opportunities even when they’re simply at home.

There are a lot of games in online casinos. Although slots may be the most popular and the most abundant game choice in the online platform, online casinos can also host several live dealer games.

Among the many live dealer games that players enjoy in online casinos like Luckyslots is roulette. Although this game is purely reliant on luck, some players still follow strategies whenever they play. Among the popular ones is the Martingale strategy. If you haven’t heard about it before, here is a closer understanding of what it is.

What is the Martingale strategy?

The idea behind the Martingale strategy is simple. Here, players must increase their bets after every consecutive loss. When they win, they must then go back to placing their original bets and start over again.

Many people use the Martingale strategy on even chance bets. Known as the double up method, this allows players to double their bets after every loss until they win. After that, they go back to betting their starting amount.

Using it on outside bets

Many players use the martingale strategy for Dozens and Column bets, some of the most common outside roulette bets. Each of them covers 12 numbers and has a payout of 2:1. This means that when players bet 1, they can earn 3 when they win.

When using it for outside bets, players should keep in mind that the Martingale does not win enough during its winning runs. Therefore, winning with it doesn’t cover the fact that a losing run may occur, thus allowing players to bet higher amounts.

Using it on inside bets

Given that inside bets are more specific, each type of bet that can be placed here provides a different progression of bets. There, players will know that different betting stages can be long and complicated for each type of bet.

Quite similar to the risk of using it with outside bets, using the Martingale system for inside bets allows players to go for long periods without hitting. When that happens, players can either bust or hit the table limits when they try this.


Although some see the Martingale strategy as a risky move in playing roulette in land casinos as well as online casinos like Luckyslots, many try it. With the risk that comes with it also comes the fact that you can have more winning sessions than losing sessions with this. So, if you are willing to take the risk on your next roulette game, we hope that you understand how it works and if it matches your playing style.

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