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Safe Gameplan in Baccarat

Baccarat is a game of pure luck. Sure, it gives the player a few options such as which hand to bet on or whether they will end in a tie or not. However, this is ultimately a guessing game rather than a decision-making scenario. If you lose, it’s not your fault. If you win, then fortune favours you.

By design, Baccarat is a game based on luck so there are no strategies involved. However, there is a ‘safe way’ of playing. Here are some safe gameplans that apply to all games of baccarat, including live baccarat in Luckyslots.

The Banker is Always the ‘Best Option’

The rules of baccarat are respected around the world. The odds of every table should only give the house 1.06 edge for the banker’s hand, the player’s hand should give them 1.24 edge. Since the game is about guessing, then why wouldn’t you keep on betting on the option that is more likely to win? The game may as well be completely 50-50 where you simply keep on betting on one side over-and-over.

When the game is a coin flip, the coin won’t alternate between heads or tails for each flip. It’s going to reveal one side for multiple instances. If the game did alternate between the banker and the player winning, then it is purely coincidental.

Don’t Waste Time Thinking

There really is no pattern to find. The game is purely about luck whether it is on an actual casino, purely electronic, or live game service like in Luckyslots. The dealer won’t wait for you nor will the other players. Staring at the cards or the deck, itself, won’t show signs that should affect your decision.

Learn When to Leave the Table

Banker, player, and tie are not the only option for the player. Another option is leaving the table. Unlike choosing which hand to bet on, choosing when to leave does have factors that can help you decide. You need to set a limit for yourself whether you are winning or losing to practice moderation.

Set a budget plan – allocate the amount of betting credits you are willing to lose at a table. Leave once that budget runs out.

Set a goal – Set an amount of money that you plan to gain before you play a game. Leave once you have gained the amount you desire.

Set a timer – Sometimes, playing a game on an online casino like Luckyslots is just a means to kill time. Determine how many minutes or hours you wish to spend trying to rake rewards then stop once that time is up.

Don’t Bet on Tie

‘Tie’ is the least likely option to win in baccarat. However, it does reward the player a multiple of 6 to 9 times their bet so the idea is always enticing. Ties do happen and winning it feels great, but it is the least ‘safe option’ in the game.

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