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As one of the best genres of games you can try in our casino, let us learn more about the amazing digital slots and how you can win them easily!

The Tech Behind the Reels

You may already know the basics and terms that you need to know when playing a game of slots. Like rolling the reels of classic slots, you can also read the basics of the game in our brief guide on bitcoin slots if you do not know them.

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on the different features of how the game functions. You can also learn about some recommended modern slots with different gameplays that can spice up your gaming!

Read on and learn the tips and tricks to win our slot games.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

Since we value responsible gambling in this casino, the way you bet is a very important factor of gaming. Slots have features where you can easily adjust your bets. The paytable and other displays on the screen can show you the minimum and maximum bets of each game.

When you choose a game, you can wager on one that has low or average bets for slow but consistent wins. If you’re a high-roller or just a big risk taker, you can also wager on the slots requiring big bets or you can always place the maximum bet on each spin. Wagering max bets would be very risky but also very profitable when you win.

When deciding how much to bet, you must always plan it according to your gaming budget. Never go past your limit and learn when to stop and play for another game. When you also decide the money, you must also look at the other game features and tech of the game.

RNG in the Reels

As an innovative simple machine where a lever can rotate wheels, the first slot machines certainly baffled and amused the population. After the lever is pulled, the game works in a way where the reels stop turning due to the braking system installed in the machine. This will, then, reveal if the player won something or not.

However, this also became a big problem as machine owners can easily turn the wheels to their favour. So the recreation of this machine and how it worked became a real problem for digital game developers. They had to create a fair game that replicated how the reels stop at random symbols.

To the best of their abilities, developers have come up with the Random Number Generator (RNG). Although this program can’t exactly recreate the randomness possible in our world, the software can do a marvellous job through its algorithm.

The software chooses a collection of numbers which creates the symbols you see on the screen. These numbers are randomly generated to recreate the process in the physical slot machines. Another factor that is important is how the software does not keep a history of all the numbers it has given.

This means that whenever you spin a slot machine, the game actually resets and your previous tries are not exactly a big factor on how you win. It also busts the myth that whenever you have won the jackpot, you can’t win it again.

Licensed casinos like Luckyslots are regularly maintained and regulated by gambling authorities. Curacao Gaming and other authorities ensure that these settings and programs are always in order.

Each spin is a new try. Spin the reels with your Lady Luck!


House Edge and RTP

Built on the RNG software, these are two factors of slots that you should also check out before you play.

House Edge

Although games are made to be fair with players, we cannot deny that the gambling industry is a business. This is why the house edge exists. This is the advantage of the house, a certain amount of bets that are immediately given to the casino.

Return to Player (RTP)

To balance the house edge out, games also have the RTP factor. This is the money that the machine is programmed to give away.

These two factors go perfectly together and balance the profit that both parties can get from a game. Easily explained, when choosing a game you should choose one with a lower house edge and a higher RTP.

At Luckyslots, the RTP is always visible as you pick out your game. This ensures that you will get to pick only the best and profitable games when you play here!

These features are also regulated and programmed to work in sync with each other and the RNG system above. The entire RNG system is also a hard-coded software which means that the game will not work the same when it is altered. Thus, they are really hard to replicate and hack.

Standard Slots vs Progressive Slots

If you played a handful of slot games, you may be familiar with jackpot prizes. These are the biggest prizes that you can win in your spins. These jackpots actually matter when choosing your slot games especially if you know they are a progressive or standard slot game.

Standard Slots

Most of the games in our casino are standard ones. With varying features, the only similarity of standard games is having a set jackpot prize. For example, Age of Asgards by Yggdrasil is a game with a standard bet of €0.20 and maximum at €200. The most you can win from it is already set at €488,800 or almost ฿18,000,000.

Progressive Slots

Unlike standard slots, these games are the giants in the field of jackpots! Depending on the amount of bets placed in it, the jackpot prize continuously grows—even reaching to millions!

You can easily see progressive slots in our category for jackpot slots. Some games like Fruit Bonanza from Play ‘N Go even have four jackpots that you can win!

Now that you know how they differ, who do you bet on? This question is something that each bettor must answer on his own. There are a few pros and cons you need to consider before making this decision.

Standard slots games are easier to wager on. The prizes are stuck in place but they are more consistent in terms of giving these awards. Since the price is set, you can also easily balance how much money you’re gonna put in.

Progressive slots are surely the dream. However, they are definitely harder to win at, compared to standard ones. Since the cash prize is big, tons of other players would also be aiming and praying to win it! You’ll have more competition ready to snatch away the jackpot when luck strikes.

If you don’t need to worry about your gaming limits, you can easily play for progressive slots. However, if you’re on a budget, we recommend going for slow but worthwhile wins on the standard slots.

When wagering, always remember that when you spin, a win is not always guaranteed. You need luck, skills, patience and money to score a great deal. When you keep losing, it can sometimes help if you stop and return to play for another day.

Volatility and Variance

Since game developers have created and changed the world of slots, there are now tons of features, bonus rounds and special effects in each game. Even while you read this, some magnificent mind out there might be trying out a way to upgrade the gameplay of slots forever.

The volatility and variance both refer to the elements that you can meet when you play slot games. It is decided based on three things: how often the game will give a reward, how much it gives when it does, and how risky the stakes are.

A game with high risk and big rewards is considered to have high volatility while having low risks and consistent but small wins is low. If you search enough, you can also find a medium variant of slots. These are games that give you a balanced dose of the three elements: giving consistent small wins while also having a probable chance of winning a jackpot prize.

When you play, check the variance of the game to know how this slot works. This can also be helpful in deciding how to manage your bets.

Recommended Games

Excited to try your chances on the reels? Start your gaming experience through these games from our collection!

$peed Cash (Play ‘N Go)

With the theme of car racing, the game drives with the classic 3 by 2 reels. It uses the symbols of cash, coins, gold bullions and the racing car! The red race car also serves as the game’s wild symbol and can replace other symbols to land a win!

The game’s bets are fixed at a max of 0.75 game credits and are considered a low roll. However, it has a progressive jackpot prize. High-rollers can opt to bet more by setting the automatic spins to 20 or 50 times! Even if you’re not aiming for betting high, you can also wager the max coins as the RTP actually grows with your stakes!

Race with other players and aim to win the biggest prize at the finish line!


The Dog House Megaways (Pragmatic Play)

As a sequel to another Pragmatic Play hit, The Doghouse, Megaways has widened your screen to 6 reels horizontally! The symbols of cute pups, dog biscuits, card letters and more give you big boosts with wilds and multiplier functions!

Players can punt 0.10 to 100 game credits. Because of the range, players can easily hedge their bets on the bet feature of the game. It also has a booming 96.55% RTP so you can easily land free spins and prizes as you play!

Land the greatest jackpot wins on the good boys of The Dog House Megaways!

Suzu She Ninja (Gamatron)

Powered with amazing graphics and a Japanese-inspired theme, the ninjas of this slot game will invite you further in a spoken lore inside the game! All players coming in for a good slot experience will be treated to a fully animated scene of Suzu’s story of becoming a ninja!

Aside from its endearing audio and video quality, the game is backed further with a powerful 97.39% RTP! The bet also ranges from 0.20 to 60 game coins. With a medium volatility, players can win up to €12,500!

The game also has a collection of ten symbols that can land you moderate to high wins. areWhen you land a winning combination with the character of Suzu or her partner, you can win the biggest prizes!

5 Mariachi

5 Mariachis (Habanero)

Get into the festive spirit with Habaneros’ 5 Mariachis! The game is aided by a beautiful soundtrack and Mariachi band tunes that accompany each of your spins. The game is indeed colourful and vibrant as it aims to amplify the Mexican aesthetics of the slot.

Players can bet 0.25 up to 125 coins on the 5-reels and 3 rows of symbols. However, with the betting feature, you can adjust how much your coins are worth! Completing five members of the band will earn you 2,500 times your original bet!