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As one of Asia’s top online casinos, we have hundreds of slots made by cutting-edge gaming providers. What’s exciting is that most of these games are not just your ordinary slots. Each slot has its own theme with an RTP of more than 94%.

Recommended Games

With several game providers and thousands of slot games, here are some of the games and well-known game providers of Luckyslots.


Betsoft is one of the top providers of mobile-friendly online casino games and 3D slots. They also specialize in 3D cinematographic presentation and iGaming experience.
Here are some of the games made by Betsoft available at Luckyslots:

Dragon Kings

Dragon Kings

Enter a world filled with Chinese myths with a modern take on a traditional tale. It is a 3×5 slot game wherein the symbols are lucky coins, jade figurines, and guardians of ancient China’s seas. Each of these symbols has its own power and identities. Summon the dragons with the help of the kings and restore the kingdom’s glory!

Dragon Kings have 10 paylines and an RTP of 95.53%. The minimum bet is €0.10 (฿3.68) while the maximum bet is €1 (฿36.75). Bring back the abundance of the kingdom and win a jackpot prize of up to €30,110 (฿1,106,642).

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra 2.0


This is not just your ordinary slot game. It is an interactive action-packed multiplayer slot game which is more like a role-playing game. Instead of spinning reels, you need to kill all of the mummies and bugs to score points.

  • Gather your courage and face all of the fire enemies and experience godly events. The best thing is that you can choose the special weapon you want to use. These weapons are:
  • Plasma Rifle- it has a massive plasma strength that can kill a single enemy in an instant
  • Laser- it is an intense beam of light that targets a single enemy. It can also release a huge ricochet that can kill your enemy in an instant
  • Machine Gun- it can result in a rapid-fire blast which can also release a ricochet
  • Grenade- it can kill up to 5 enemies at a time
  • Shotgun- has a powerful shell that targets a single enemy

The best thing is that you will receive rewards with every quest you complete. There are also experience points which determine your level and rank in the leaderboard.

Dragon and Phoenix


Follow the story of an emperor and empress as they form a balance between Yin and Yang. Guide the couple to reign the Middle Kingdom with 20 paylines, 5 reels, and an RTP of 96.01%. Watch out for the Royal Couple because they are the wild symbols. They usually appear on the second, third, or fourth reel. However, the couple can also cover the whole reel when triggered.

Kalamba Games

Kalamba Games is an international games studio that provides slot and casino games. They are also focused on creating innovative games which integrate promotional concepts.

Here are some of the games made by Kalamba Games available at Luckyslots:



Enter a world filled with twisted trees and war. Start your journey and prepare before the prophecy begins. Bring prosperity back to the village with 60 paylines, 5 reels, and an RTP of 96.21%. Look out for the high paying symbols like the Snake Charmer, Archer, and Blue Wizard.

What’s exciting is that once you activate the mystic boost which is represented by the magic mirror. It serves as a wild symbol and will transform a reel into a wild column. You can also receive a reward up to 1,000 times your wager.

Caribbean Anne


Explore through mysterious islands, caves, sunken ships, and underwater kingdoms to find the ultimate treasure. Lead your pirates in an exciting adventure and win up to €125,000 (‎฿4,594,161) with 40 paylines, 5 reels, and an RTP of 97.83%. Lead your pirates and challenge the Kraken when the free spin bonus is triggered.

It is time to rejoice once the Jolly Roger jackpot symbol appears because it is your ultimate key to win one out of the four jackpots (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum).

Tiger Claws


Learn more about the wonders of becoming a Shaman as you use your knowledge of the ancients to hit the jackpot of up to 5,000 coins. Trigger all of the free spins, double up features, and wilds inside the temple.

Play with 720 paylines, 5 reels, and an RTP of 95.16%. Watch out for the high-paying symbols such as the Shaman Mask, Eagle, and the White Tiger.


Booongo is known as a popular game provider that specializes in creating multi-channel HD video slots.

Here are some of the games made by Booongo available at Luckyslots:

Sun of Egypt Hold and Win


It is an era wherein the locals discovered the untouched treasures of an ancient Egyptian ruins. Start your journey all the way to the Red Sands and win up to 60,000 credits as you make your way through the 25 paylines, 5 reels, and an RTP of 96%.

Trigger the high-paying symbols such as the Egyptian Lotus, Eye of Horus, Ankh, and Cleopatra. You also need to keep an eye out for the Holy Obsidian because it is the wild symbol.

Fireworks Master


Step foot into a world filled with luck and fortune as you play with 243 paylines, 5 reels, and an RTP of 95.07% to win the €10,800 (‎฿396,936) jackpot prize. You also need to look out for the Koi (Fortune Cat), Golden Panda, and Yuanbao because they are the high-paying symbols.

You can win more rewards because of its wild and bonus feature, multilayer feature, and free spins feature.

Claws vs Paws


Work with the police dogs and capture the mischievous cats who are responsible for all of the dark schemes and thievery around town. Join in a chaotic chase as you trigger the diamond symbols and bonus features to win the jackpot prize worth 3,125x your wager!

This game has 20 paylines, 5 reels, and an RTP of 96.86%. Win any of the free spin features such as sliding wilds, progressive multiplier, and sticky wilds.

The Classic Favourites

What are slots without the classic fruit symbols such as cherries and bananas? As a matter of fact, it is still the go-to slot game of most players. You’ll never go wrong with classic slots because there are no complicated or extensive mechanisms compared to the modern-day slots.

Here are some of the classic slot favourites at Luckyslots:

243 Crystal Fruits


Try your luck with various shimmering fruits and win the jackpot of up to 100x your stake. There are 5 reels, 243 paylines, and an RTP of 96.55%. Always keep an eye out for the large gem because it is the wild symbol which also serves as the substitute for all of the paying symbols.

It is a game by Tom Horn with a minimum bet of €1 (‎฿36.75) and a maximum bet of €100 (‎฿3,675).

Juice and Fruits


Spice up your game with Juice and Fruits powered by Playson. It has 10 paylines, 5 reels, and an RTP of 94.98%. Although there are no wild and scatter symbols, there are a lot of free spin rewards and bonus side games. What’s exciting is that you can win a grand jackpot prize of up to 100,000 credits.

Fruits and Stars: Holiday Edition


Feel the excitement of winning €100,000 with a festive fruit slot game with 5 reels, 5 paylines, and an RTP of 95.72%. The best thing is that it is also highly volatile! Spin the reels and have a merry fruit celebration!

Modern Slots

Modern slots are what makes slots more exciting to play. Compared to the classic ones, it is more thrilling and competitive. The catch is, it also has one of the biggest jackpots!

Here are some of the modern slot games at Luckyslots:

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Angel Img Compressed

Don’t think twice and choose if you want to side with heaven or hell. Press the Blue Heart to activate the Good Mood and the Red Heart to play with Bad Mood. You can also choose the symbol between the two which is the Combo Mode. The Good Mode has low-risk gameplay while the Bad Mood has high-risk gameplay.

You can even play with both sides and try your luck to win the jackpot prize with 15 paylines and an RTP of 97.79%. Watch out for the pitchfork symbol that may appear on reels 3, 4, and 5 because it is equivalent to a 1x or 4x multiplier.

Griffin’s Quest


Step foot into a world filled with mythical creatures such as flying beasts!

If you are looking for an adventure, this game is for you. Aside from having an RTP of 96.5%, there are also a lot of surprises as you progress into the game.

What’s exciting is that there are betting options and the variance is also very high. In fact, there are at least 2,400 ways to win with a chance of winning 26,000x your bet. The reels are also out of the ordinary and are heavily inspired by ancient but mythical design.

Once the bonus wheel is activated, the prize is determined using the wheel. The prizes include cash bonuses, multiplier wins, and bonus spins.

The Golden Owl of Athena


Engage in a game set in the ancient times with 5 reels, 10 paylines, and an RTP of 95.05%. Watch out for Athena’s Golden Owl because it is the keeper of sacred knowledge and also acts as the wild and scatter symbol. There are also added features such as free spins and double up.

With the free spin feature, a single symbol will act as the bonus symbol to expand and cover all of the reels for you to unlock the bonus wins. With the double up feature, all you need to do is to land in any winning combo and double up your wins. You can bet half, all of it, or flip the coin. If you plan to flip the coin, choose if you want the heads or tails.

sLots of Questions: Answered

There is no denying that there are a lot of questions or queries when it comes to online slots. This is because some are still wondering if these slots can payout real money.

Here are some of the most asked questions about online slots:

Do I need to download software to play?

Nope, you do not need to download any software to play your favourite game. With Luckyslots, you can play whatever game you want as soon as you register and verify your account. You can also download our mobile app that is suitable for Android and iOS phones.

What is a free cash bonus?

A free cash bonus is free casino money you can use without depositing funds. However, you should meet the wagering requirements for you to withdraw all of your winnings.

Is there a secret to winning the grand jackpot prize?

One of the best ways to win the grand jackpot prize is to play with the highest payout percentage. The higher the percentage, the higher the chance for you to win.

Another factor is its in-game features such as bonus games and free spins. These features help a lot in triggering the high-payout symbols.

Is there a best time to play slots?

Nope. There is no such thing as the best time to play with online slots. This is because it uses an RNG (random number generator) system wherein the combinations are random and difficult to debunk. However, at Luckyslots, there are instances that we give rewards and bonuses at a specific time of the day. Maybe, that’s what you need to watch out for.

Log in to your account, spin the reels, and win massive rewards at Luckyslots!