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With the rise of new tech, digital casinos were created to bring convenience to their customers. The slots, roulettes, cards and other games have been turned to their amazing digital versions.

In the start, casinos cannot replicate the mechanical sounds of slot machines, the cheers of lucky winners and the unique feeling of playing with other punters. However, with the live casino feature, some developers have changed that.

Engage in real-time games with other players around the world! Wager against each other on the cards dealt by a pro dealer! See the stakes go up as winning players are announced at the side of the screen.

Find out more about the live casino at Luckyslots right here!

Why Play at a Live Casino

If you’re fond of our slots and other video games, we’re sure you’ll like our live casino games as well! Here’s why you should try them out!


Have you ever tried betting with your best buds and strangers in the comfort of your own home? You don’t need to don a fabulous suit or order an expensive meal and drink! You can play our live casino in your own home and on the go!

Feel secure and comfortable as we bring the casino to wherever you are! Luckyslots is available on all browsers and in its own mobile app! Download yours today!

Real-time and Pro Experience

Unlike other video casino games, you actually play with real people online. You’ll feel the similar thrill of wagering and competing for the biggest wins. You also get a professional dealer who will help you play the game and your cards right!

Set in real-time studios, the dealers are also monitored throughout the game. They are also regulated by authorities so your transactions are guaranteed to be safe!

Tons of Games

Play to your heart’s content with the various games of the live casino lobby! Aside from classic tables of casinos, you can also find unique games that are not available in land casinos! Want faster deals? Try our speed baccarat or roulette!

More Bonuses with the Loyalty Club

Bet and win back your money with the generous promos of the loyalty club! As you play more, you’ll unlock more perks such as cash rebate, free money and more.

Aside from the live casino, you can also use these perks in slots, poker and other games at our casino! Discover what awaits you at the Luckyslots Loyalty Club!

Big Money

There is lots of money at the live casino. With thousands of players across Asia and the world, the providers connect you with other players outside our casino! Get prepared to roll your wallet and fill it with the big jackpot prizes on the live tables!

Choose the game that you feel lucky with and start betting!

Live Casino Lobby

In every transaction, game and category, Luckyslots will give you a fast, fun and fair service that you deserve. At the top of that, we assure you no hassles on our site during your round as the live betting occurs in real-time.

With simple browsing of the categories, you can click the Live Casino option and check out our games. We are continuously updating our selection of games. The following are some of the games supported by our live casino.

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Andar Bahar
  • Dragon Tiger

The games also have different versions where you can play them in various setups. For example, there are speedy games and high-roller games. As you might know, typical games are worth a specific time. With speedy games, you can wager in more rounds with faster games! High-rollers are those games which are reserved for people who wager big bucks of money.

Check out the lobbies of the game providers to discover what they have in store for you! We’ll also provide short guides on how to play the general games and the variants you can also try out.

Roll a Fortune on Roulette Wheel

The wheel of the roulette covered in mostly red and black is a definite eye-catcher in both land and online casinos. The betting pattern of the game is really simple and great even for beginners.

The rules are simple as well. The wheel spins and the dealer allows a ball to roll on the spinning roulette. Bettors then bet on where the ball will land on.

Depending on the roulette variant, the wheel can have 37 (European) or 38 (American) numbered pockets. If you’re thinking that guessing the specific number is hard, you can also bet on whether the ball will land on a red or black pocket. You can also wager if the number will be even or odd.

If you want to amp up your chances, you can also wager on a number pockets on the wheel! If you’re feeling really lucky, you can bet on a specific number and win the biggest amount of money! Aside from getting the actual number right, all bets give out enough profit for winning punters.

The options for betting can be called inside and outside bets, depending on the placement of bets in the betting table. Inside bets are numbered and/or colour-specific bets while outside bets comprise group bets. The only pocket(s) which would not give any players money are the one or two green pockets marked 0 and 00.

Betting wagers are called their names because of where the chips are placed on the betting table. Check out your betting options below.

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Inside Betting

When you wager on these options, the chances are very slim. However, they are the ones that give out the most money. As you wager on more pockets, the odds get in your favour but the payouts decrease as well.

Straight-up bet

This is when a specific number is betted on. The odds would be against the bet at 35:1. However, it would give out the most wins!

Split bet

The split bet is a straight bet just like the first. However, the bet is divided into two numbers. This halves the odds at 17:1. The chip is also placed on the line between two numbers.

Line bets / Street bets

The bet is placed on the table in the straight line of three bets. The trio of bets would have 11:1 odds.

Corner bet / Quad bet

The wage is placed on the corner of four numbers. The bet will have 8:1 odds.

Double street bet

This bet is placed in a combination of both line and corner bets. The chips are placed on the corner of two straight-line bets. This would mean that the wager covers six numbers, having the odds of 5:1.

Outside Betting

These are a number of bets that are really great options if you’re not confident with specific ones. As said above, outside betting options are a group of bets, having lower payouts than the inside bets.

Red or black, odd or even

Probably the best wager on the board for beginners. This bet makes you wager on whether the ball will land on a red or black and an odd or even number. With the odds at 1:1, you have an equal chance of winning and losing.

Dozens bet

The betting table also carries three group bets, dividing the wheel into 3. Punters can bet on the pockets numbered 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36. They have odds at 2:1.

Column bet

With the same odds as the dozens bet, the column bet wager on a selection of 12 vertical numbers on the table.

Luckyslots have Lightning Roulette from Evolution which provides an electrifying adventure on the European roulette table. Aside from the classic wagers, the game also offers Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts features which can multiply your winnings.

Aside from the European roulette, there is also an American version from Evolution. You can play this version in a demo so you can learn through this option as well.

Ace the Blackjack Tables at Luckyslots

As a card game, the goal is to get the closest or exactly 21 points. However, you can’t score over 21 or you’ll lose! If you land a blackjack or a perfect 21, you automatically win!

The numbered cards are worth their points (2-9) and face cards are worth 10. If you’re lucky, you might get an ace which can be worth 1 or 11, depending on which you need.

Most table games have you competing against the house. As you see the bank’s cards, you’ll get to decide the action that you do. Here are the following actions that may be in your game.

  • Stand: Keep your cards without asking for more.
  • Hit: Take another card. If the sum goes beyond 21, it’s automatically a loss.
  • Double Down: If you’re feeling confident that you’ll win even when you take another hit, you can also double your bets.
  • Split: When you get a pair of cards with the same value, you can split your cards into two and double your bet. Just like playing as two players, you have more chances to beat the bank.

Variants of blackjack have their specific rules. Some games require the banker to hit as an edge to the player. You can freely check these before deciding to wager.

Luckyslots have tons of blackjack games so check out the rules and place your bets!

Decide Between Player and the Banker on the Baccarat Tables

The premise of this game is a bit like Blackjack, reach a certain number and you win! However, the baccarat tables allow you to pick between a player and a banker. The counting system is also a bit different:

  • Face Cards – 0 points
  • Numbered Cards – 2 to 9 points
  • Ace – 1 point

Each game follows a certain pattern of issuing cards. Before you bet, you can also watch the dealer give out the cards to check it out.

Aside from wagering on the banker and player, you can also opt to wager for a tie! As it has a lower chance of happening, you can win the most from it.

The odds in Baccarat are also a bit different as the bank winning would give a house edge to the casino. The odds are the following:

  • Banker: (1:0.95)
  • Player: (1:1)
  • Tie: (8:1)

Try Out A New Game of Baccarat with Dragon Tiger

A spicy variant of baccarat is at this amazing game of Dragon Tiger! This game deals with only two cards of the Dragon and Tiger. All you have to do is wager on which would be the higher card or bet on a tie!

There are other games of baccarat at Luckyslots. Check them out!

Andar Bahar

A famous game that is said to have come from Southern India, the Andar Bahar is another card game to try and win. The game’s odds are great for all players with 1:1.

The rules are pretty simple. The game picks one card as a ‘joker’. Players then pick between two sides of Andar and Bahar to where the joker would be placed. Here are brief explanations on the terms:

  • Andar: A word which means ‘inside’ in Hindi, this refers to a bet on the left side.
  • Bahar: The opposite of Andar, Bahar or ‘outside’ refers to a wager on the right side.
  • Joker: Not referring to the classic Joker card, this is a random card that the dealer picks and sets on the middle of the table.

Choose the right side and win lots of prizes!

Excited to win? Wager some bitcoin or baht at our live casino! We assure you that they’ll make the most of your time! If you’re lucky, you might even score the biggest wins!