The Truth Behind ‘RTP’


The Technology Behind Slots

With the advancement of technologies, we also made sure that we provide you with the best online gaming experience.

Slots are not just about the spinning reels. In fact, there are a lot of factors to consider to create a perfect and fun slot game. Every slot game uses Random Number Generator (RNG), it is a software that creates numerous sequences continuously. There is also what we call the Return-to-Player (RTP) which predicts your possibility of winning.

The Beginning of Slots

Compared to the slot games we have right now, the first slot machine that was invented by Charles August Fey has simple mechanisms. All you need to do is to pull the lever and watch the wheels spin. If the symbols lined up match, you win.

With the popularity of the Liberty Bell, there are a lot of personalities who tried to copy and hack what Fey invented. One of them is Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He got popular because of his slot scamming schemes in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, he developed tools to trigger the mechanism of jackpot machines.

What’s amazing is that he also developed a tool that shone a light onto the coin sensor so that the coins would spew out of the machine. Although his scamming tactics went well, he was caught and sent to prison.

Another person who got popular for being a ‘slot thief’ is Louis Colavecchio. He invented counterfeit coins to win the jackpot prize. Because of this, the development of coin registration was introduced.

Today’s Slots

With today’s slots, there are technologies and software used to make sure that there are no scammers and discrepancies. In fact, there are companies whose job is to make sure that the slot games are working well.

The use of microprocessors is also introduced so that the slot machines can calculate the average bet size, record the number of games in a row, and the amount of time each player spends at the machine.

When it comes to online slots, there are also a lot of themes and categories introduced. Themed slots and modern slots are actually well-loved by most bettors. Compared to the older slot machines wherein you need to use registered coins, you can now play your favourite slot games with different payment methods such as credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Even though there has been a big leap in the slot technology, the classic cherries and bananas remained. You can even play a lot of classic slot games at Luckyslots! All you need to do is to create your own account, deposit funds, claim your welcome bonus, and spin the reels!

At Luckyslots, we partnered with cutting-edge gaming developers and software giants for you to have superb gaming experience.

Here are some of our slot gaming providers:

  • Betsoft
  • Evolution Gaming
  • OneTouch
  • AsiaGaming
  • eBet
  • GameArt
  • Tom Horn
  • Booongo
  • Kalamba Games
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Indi Slots
  • Caleta

The Future of Slots

Because of its unending popularity and continuous technological improvements, there are a lot of game developers who are slowly introducing slot games with AR/VR space.

What is RTP?

Also known as return-to-player, it is basically a way for you to know how much money you’ll win. These are the percentages you see every time you play at Luckyslots. It is known as the ‘lifeblood’ of all online casinos.

If you want to win the grandest jackpot prize at Luckyslots, choose a game with a high RTP percentage. However, it is just only a statistical calculation of your possibility to win. You should not take it seriously. There are also a lot of low RTP slots that give out huge jackpot prizes.

There are also instances that return-to-player is often mistaken as the variance of the game. It is related but they are not the same thing. Variance usually tells how often you are likely to hit all of the winning combinations.

Want to challenge yourself? Choose a game that has a lower RTP. But if you are focused on winning, choose slots with high RTP.

Here are some of the games at Luckyslots with a high RTP percentage:

  • Wildcraft by Kalamba Games with an RTP of 96.21% (high volatility)
  • Wolf Moon Rising by Betsoft with an RTP of 96.53% (medium volatility)
  • Phoenix Princess by Gameart with an RTP of 96.01% (high volatility)
  • Tiger Claws by Kalamba Games with an RTP of 97.02% (high volatility)
  • Moe Moe Cuisine by Gamatron with an RTP of 97.18% (medium volatility)

What is RNG?

Random Number Generator (RNG) is an algorithm programmed into a slot game to generate thousands of number sequences.

If RTP is the lifeblood of slots, RNG is the brain and powerhouse. It is the one responsible for all of the winning combinations on your reels. Nobody can alter the results of RNG.

There are a lot of rumours that time can affect your chances of winning. Well, it is not true because the winning combinations are produced at random. No one can really predict when the winning combinations will come out.

What’s amazing about RNG is that it never stops producing random combinations even if you are not playing the game. This is the reason why a number sequence will not appear twice. Every

Random Number Generator is also regularly checked to confirm its fairness and validity.

There are actually two types of RNGs. These are:

Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG)

A Pseudorandom Number Generator is a software that utilizes mathematical algorithms. For instance, if you press the ‘Start’ button of your favourite slot game, the PRNG comes up with random symbols on the reels.

Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG)

A Hardware Random Number Generator is an external device connected through a USB port of the casino’s server. Once activated, it continuously generates numbers using compound values.

Most Asked Questions About RTPs and RNG

Can RNG affect RTP?

The RNG does not directly affect the return-to-player percentage but it is responsible for generating all of the winning combinations.

Is there a possibility that a casino can manipulate the RNGs?

There is no way that Luckyslots can manipulate RNG because of its intricate program. The RNGs also make sure that you have a fair gaming environment.

Is there a possibility to figure out the pattern?

Nope. The RNGs are made of complicated formulas that even an experienced hacker or pro-players cannot debunk.

Does an RNG know what I am doing?

Although an RNG is considered as artificial intelligence, it is not capable of storing your activities. Its job is to only generate a random sequence of numbers.

Volatility and Variance

Aside from RNG and RTP, there is also such a thing as volatility and variance. The volatility determines how much a player is left with at the end of each gaming session and the unpredictability of short-term results. On the other hand, the variance can show how unpredictable long-term wins and losses are.

If you just want to have a fun time, you should play with low variance slots. Here are the other reasons when you should play low variance slots

  • You have a limited amount on your bankroll
  • You want to play as long as possible
  • You want fast-paced action and tons of bonus features
  • You are at the beginning of your gaming journey
  • You are a fan of classic video slots but do not like to wait until the bonus games to win prizes

If you are all about winning, you should play with high variance slots. Here are the other reasons when you should play with high variance slots:

  • You have tons of money in your bankroll
  • You are chasing huge wins
  • You don’t mind walking away once you’ve used the amount remaining on your bankroll
  • You love taking risks

There are also medium volatility slots. These are for players who want to win the jackpot prize but do not want to risk too much. Here are the reasons why you should play medium volatility slots:

  • When you just like to play for fun but want to feel the thrill of winning the jackpot prize
  • When you are willing to take larger risks but also want to get the most play out of your bankroll
  • When you are a fan of free spin bonus games, wilds, and jackpots
  • When you love to receive small rewards regularly but also want to have the chance to win the jackpot prize

Tips and Tricks to Choosing Slots

Playing online slots is not just about your luck. There are tips and tricks you need to unlock your full potential to win the grand jackpot prize.

Here are some of the tips and tricks you should know:

Take Advantage of Free Spins

Make sure be updated because there are a lot of free spin rewards at Luckyslots! These free spins will give you more chances of winning without spending a single cent.

Check the Paytable

If you are looking for the best slot game that suits your gaming style, it is important to look at its paytable. It might seem that all slots look the same but they have different paytables and special features.

Try It Out for Free

At Luckyslots, you can click the fun mode to see if the slot game suits you before betting. It also gives you the chance to learn more about its paytable and special added features.

Check Its RTP

One of the most important things to do is to check its return-to-player percentage. The higher percentage, the high chances of winning you have.

Look for the Game Developer

Aside from its RTP, theme, and paytable, you can also determine if the game is worth playing through its developer. Each developer has its own speciality. At Luckyslots, you can choose your preferred game provider by clicking the drop-down menu located at the centre top of the page.

Watch Out for Bonus Rounds

There are instances that bonus rounds will just suddenly pop out to your screen. These are also games within the slot game wherein you have the chance to spin the wheel of fortune or play the pick and match bonus game.

Bet as Many Paylines as You Can

Go ahead and bet as many paylines as you can. The more paylines you can bet on, the faster it is for you to win!

Look for Game Reviews and Ratings

To make sure that the game is worth your money, you can check out the game review and ratings. At Luckyslots, you can see the top slot game of the month on our homepage. You can also sort your list according to the most popular slot game.

Use All of the Special Features

Every time you play, look out for the special symbols such as the wilds and scatters. The number of wilds and scatters depends on the software provided. There are also instances that these special symbols are hidden in the game. So, find a way to trigger these symbols and take the jackpot prize home!

Look for Its Volatility

No matter how professional you are, checking the game’s volatility is one of the keys to win the jackpot prize. This is because it tells how risky it is to bet.

A highly volatile game offers huge wins and payouts. On the other hand, low volatile games tend to give payouts more but in small amounts.

Choose Progressive Slots

If you are looking for a slot game that gives a huge amount of payout, progressive slots are the one for you. All you need to do is to make sure to meet the wagering requirements for you to withdraw all of your winnings.

Place your bets at Luckyslots and win the jackpot prize!