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Gambling definitely gives a different thrill from any game or hobby that exists in the world. It challenges competitive people and gives a unique self-accomplishment feeling when you actually win a wager. Aside from the money, this is a major reason why betting is a big hit across the world.

Because we also love that feeling, Luckyslots is here to ensure that punters are given what they need for their responsible and efficient gaming! With blockchain technology, players are ensured of fast, fun and fair gaming in our platform.

With over 1600 slots, table and card games, Luckyslots is a leading online casino brand in Asia. As our name suggests, we also have over a thousand games for all slot fans out there!

Know more about our slots and the gaming experience at Luckyslots!

Win Big Money with Bitcoin

One of the most famous genres of games in both physical and online casinos is slots. These games are still giving justice to their previous infamous nickname of ‘one-hand bandits’. Learn more about how these games came to be and how you can beat them!

Originally, slots were created as simple machines which dispensed cigarettes, gums and other prizes. As soon as the machine of reels were set in saloons and other locations, it became a big craze in the cities. Since society was not too lenient of gambling, they were even prohibited.

However, people always find a way to do what they love. So some businesses set these out filled with simple daily materials. Winners of big coupons or such then can head to the clerk to have it exchanged for money or a big prize.

Today, gambling on slots and other games has been a great pastime for everyone. The premise is pretty easy and straightforward. Spin the reels and, with luck, you might win a hefty sum of money! This is why they’re a staple to the gambling community.

However, there are actually easy tips and tricks to actually increase your luck in slots. When you understand how slot machines work, you can easily know what you need to win! Find more information on slot machines below!

How to Play a Slot Game

Most slot games can easily work through a single push of a button. Innovation had also introduced the idea of allowing the machine to spin the reels for a set number of times or bet automatically. As a player, you can toggle this on and off and even slow down the spins when you win one.

Let’s explore the parts and the designs of slot games. Here are terms that you should know of.

Reels and Symbols

This is the most basic element of slot machines. The reels are wheels that have symbols on their sides. To win, you need to spin them and land a lucky combination of similar symbols on the same line or same side.

The usual slot games can have 3 to 5 reels on each or either side. However, innovated games can also have more of them for more chances of winning!

The symbols range pretty wildly based on the graphics and concept of the game. However, there are some really iconic symbols that are in the industry. Some symbols like fruits came from the era when gums of different flavours were won in the machines! Other symbols like the bell, cherries, diamonds and lucky 7 were also used in the past and until today.

Each symbol can have a specific worth in winnings—low, high or jackpot prizes. As a player, you must check out the instructions of the game to find out what you win when you put these symbols together.

Depending on the game, there can also be other symbols that have specific effects on your gameplay. They are the Scatter, Wilds, Multipliers and more.

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The Payline

The payline is a term that refers to the lines or pattern where you need to place the symbols together. The number of paylines and how they look can be different from each game. A good example of this difference is how Gonzo’s Quest (NetEnt) has 20 paylines while Raging Rex has a maximum of 4,096 paylines!

The lines can also be very obvious and natural such as horizontal or vertical lines. Some lines can be zigzags and other patterns too! Some games also create a challenge to the player by allowing them to wager only on specific paylines on the reels. Although players can also wager on all paylines, it would cost them a bigger bet!



These tables show just how much you can win when you match the symbols on the reels. They are good to have especially in customisable games where players can choose how many paylines they wager on and with other special effects.

The paytable also automatically shows the player how much they can win when they increase their bets.


As special symbols in the reels, the Multiplier symbol can literally multiply your earnings when you have them in the same payline as other similar symbols. There can also be various conditions depending on the game.

However, with Multipliers raking in 2x, 5x and even 100x your regular winnings, they are always a pleasure to have!


Another special symbol, Scatters can spice up your spins! Some games allow you to win whatever when you have a scatter on the line! The symbol can also have other purposes such as becoming a symbol that mimics any winning combination or triggering free spins!

Scatter symbols can have various designs and purposes in a game. Know your Scatter symbol well and it will reward you generously once it appears on the reels.


Another powerful symbol on the reels, Wild symbols can also serve as a joker on your reels. Appearing randomly, they have various effects on the reels. As its name suggests, the Wild symbol can substitute for any symbol that you need when it lands on a payline!

Some games have also devised some bonus features to Wild symbols. In some games, it’s possible to permanently stack Wilds on top of each other to win you prizes at each spin!

There are also expanding symbols that can serve as a big jackpot! These wilds can expand throughout the entire reels and become a single symbol, allowing you to win tons of money in a single lucky spin!


Gamble Round

Another feature in a handful of modern slots, these are bonuses and hidden levels inside the game. They can be triggered through a special combination of symbols such as special symbols.
When inside a gamble round, the game introduces you to a mini game, completely different from the slots. There may be some bonus levels which allow you to win a prize between two options— a jackpot prize or a small one.

Although these parts are pretty basic things to a pro gambler, you must never forget to use them to your advantage. When you know how the reels turn, you’re surely nearer to winning a prize or the jackpot!

Types of slots

As we have explained, there are tons of slots on various online casinos. To be wanted by many players, they have interesting and inviting concepts and features. However, most slots can fit into one category of slot games below.

Classic Slots

The classic and proven slots from the past have never been forgotten by the community. For some, it’s always easier to wager on something easy and simple. A handful of paylines and symbols to work with and a trusty spinning button and classic slots are all set!

With no bonus symbols and complicated levels to work with, classic slots also have a simple way of paying out money. If you’re new to slots, you can also never go wrong by learning through the classics.

Modern Slots

This is a big umbrella term for a variety of slot games with various features! These games are more competitive, and risky than the classic ones. Because of the big risk, they sometimes end up with bigger jackpots!

Once you learn how to handle all the details of the game, the excitement of playing can really reel you in! Remember to hedge and balance your bets when wagering!


Progressive slots

These games are definitely the big guns of the casinos. Classic and most modern slots are different but the main similarity is having set prizes and jackpots. But, that is not the case for progressive slots.

These slot games combine the money from all punters of the game into the jackpot. Without a lid on the jackpot prize, the jackpot prize can easily land millions of money before it is snatched by a lucky player!

On the game screen, progressive slots always indicate a jackpot prize which continuously grows in size. This means that you’re not the only one spinning for the jackpot! Trust your luck? Try betting on these slots at Luckyslots!

If you’re confident about creating big wins, you can try out progressive slots. But if not, you may also profit more from playing the classic or modern ones.

Network progressive slots

These kinds of games are quite similar to progressive slots and their multiplying jackpot prizes. The only thing different is how these slots are not limited to a single casino only! From a network of casinos, the prize of the game grows exponentially!

This feature ensures that the jackpot is the biggest of all four types. However, it is also the most competitive as a single jackpot is shared by thousands of people.

Why Play at Luckyslots

There are a bunch of slot games and online casinos out there. But why should you choose Luckyslots? Here’s what you can get from gaming with us.

1. Bitcoin-run slots and games

Our digital casino is supported and fortified by blockchain technology. This ensures that your transactions are always instantly done without hassle. The system also ensures that your profile, gaming records and money are safe with us.

Play to your heart’s content with a casino brand you can trust.

2. Tons and tons of slots

We regularly update our collection of games to ensure that our players enjoy the best games! With an easy browsing feature, you can find the kind of games you like and play them immediately!

Aside from having many games, our selection also comes from a number of names ensuring that the games are varied in the concept, gameplay and features. Try out games from eBet, Caleta, Tom Horn, Indi Slots and more!

Our bettors can always experience the most popular and the newly-launched games from our amazing providers!

3. Free spins and other bonuses

Stay with us for the best promos and money deals available only here at Luckyslots! We regularly update and grow our collection of perks from deposit rewards, free spins and birthday specials!

When you become a regular at the casino’s loyalty club, you can also unlock other perks such as cash rebates, real-time money and rewards!

4. Made for our players

As Luckyslots values our players so much, we have created and complied games that will be beneficial to our gamers. We have a transparent website that allows you to see the details, RTP, volatility and more info on the slots and other games.

This feature ensures that our gamers know how our games work before they start betting!

5. More than slots

Although we proudly boast our selection of slot games from various providers, you can always ask for more at Luckyslots. We also have table games such as poker, baccarat and other card games! Aside from video games, we also provide live casino gaming!

We have games for both easygoing punters and high rollers! Set your budget and easily choose a game that you’ll surely enjoy!

Register today and start your gaming experience! At Luckyslots, we’re sure you’ll have fast transactions and great deals.

For any queries or concerns, you can always reach out to our 24/7 Live Chat.