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Aside from slots, poker is one of the most popular games in land-based and online casinos. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of poker professionals up to this date.

However, there are a lot of debates about which is better. Although it depends on your preference, there are a lot of bettors who are now enjoying the luxury of playing poker while chilling at home. This is because of the advancements in the casino industry.

Difference Between Video and Live Poker

Playing poker online or in a land-based casino is still considered as playing poker. In fact, there are a lot of enthusiasts who engage in both. Here are some of the differences you can immediately notice between the two:

The Bet Sizing

Online and land-based poker have different bet sizing. There are a lot of online poker games which feature 2x, 2.5x, or 3x the big blind. In live games, this is very unusual especially if you play in the lower-stakes games.

The Pace

Live games move at a much slower pace. This is because you are limited to one table. Another reason is that a live dealer will take time to shuffle, deal cards, collect chips, and distribute pots.

Most live poker players are not focused on winning, they are there to have fun and socialize.

On the other hand, you can access more than one poker game online. It also takes seconds to shuffle and distribute pots. But with Luckyslots, you can do both! You can stay focused on winning the jackpot prize and still enjoy the game.

Ease of Play

One of the best things about Luckyslots is that you can easily register an account and play as many poker games as you want. There are also a lot of deposit methods you can choose from. With just one click, you have access to our top poker games. You do not need to take effort to dress up, wait in line, or worry about the cash you have in hand.


If you are looking for privacy or if you just want to play poker without any hassle or distraction, playing poker at Luckyslots is your best bet. You also do not need to talk to other players, employees, or show your face.

Wide Game Selection

With live poker, you need to be present at one table at a time. It is also a disadvantage if you want to try out all of the poker games available. However, in video poker, you can play poker simultaneously without even taking a single step. You also have a wide range of selection ranging from the classic to the themed ones.

Social Aspect

If your goal is to meet new friends, hang out, play poker, and have dinner after the game, live poker is the one for you. Betting is a unique way to socialize and build your connections. But if you are not comfortable with meeting new people or you just want to stay at home while playing poker, Luckyslots got your back!

Player Rewards

The advantage of live poker is that you have a player card which tracks the games you play and rewards you with player points. These points are used to claim free meals or even luxury hotel rooms if you are an avid player.

On the other hand, rewards in video poker come in the form of bonuses such as free spins or deposit bonuses. At Luckyslots, there are Loyalty Levels you need to achieve to unlock amazing milestones rewards. To do this, all you need to do is to collect points by playing.

Playing Poker (Texas Hold’em and Omaha)

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker around the world. In fact, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the World Poker Tour (WPT) were televised.
This game is played with a big and small blind. These are usually the forced bets by two players to make sure that the chips in the pot are worth playing for. The betting begins with the big blind for every hand.

The dealer places one card face down to the player to his left and will continue clockwise until all of the players have two cards. These two cards are your hole or pocket cards.
Betting also moves clockwise. If you are the first player, you have to set the bet by folding, raising, or calling.

Raising means that you want to put more chips than the previous bet. Folding means that you turn in your cards to the dealer. Calling means to match the amount of the big blind. This process continues until all of the players already folded, raised, or called.

If more than one player remains in the last betting round, all of the remaining players have to reveal their cards to determine the winner. This is called the Showdown. If there are two winning players, they can split the pot among themselves.

During the showdown, all players play the best five-card using two pocket cards and five community cards. Here are the best five-card hand wins:

  • Two hole cards and three board cards
  • One hole card and four board cards
  • Five board cards


Omaha is very similar to Texas Hold’em, the only difference is that each player will receive four hole cards instead of two. There is also more action when it comes to playing Omaha because there are more cards.

To begin the game, the dealer burns a card and then turns over three community cards face up (flop). The dealer then burns another card and turns over one more community card (turn). For the third betting round, the dealer burns a card and turns over one final community card (river). At the last betting round, all of the remaining players must use two pocket cards and three board cards.

There are three types of Omaha, these are:

  • Pot Limit Omaha Poker- you can bet what is in the pot
  • No Limit Omaha Poker- you have the freedom to bet any amount you want depending on the chips you have
  • Fixed Limit Omaha Poker- there is a specific betting limit in each betting round

Poker Games at Luckyslots

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Magic Poker

Magic Poker is a game developed by Wazdan that has an RTP of 96.61%. It is actually the combination of the traditional rules of poker and a marvelous twist that makes the game more exciting.

It is also filled with attractive animation and vivid colours.

Here are the special features of Magic Poker:

  • 3 of a Kind Bonus- once you acquired a 3 of a Kind, the mini-board activates and rewards bonuses instead of a regular win
  • 4 of a Kind Bonus- it is where you need to draw four cards of the same kind on the panel to receive bonus rewards instead of regular wins
  • Mega Win- it is where you can collect a winning hand and win up to 800x your stake

Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a game developed by Wazdan that has an RTP of 96.07%. What’s unique about this game is that you are not playing against any dealer. The only companion you have is the tricky jester who is willing to help as the joker card.

It is also recommended to collect Royal Flush because it is the highest paying hand. Look out for the mega win feature because it is where you can place bets and win up to 1000x your stake.

Three Card Rummy

Three Card Rummy is a game developed by Betsoft that has an RTP of 98.04%. It is an exciting single deck poker variant with three cards. Your goal is to score fewer points than the dealer.

Aces and Faces Poker

Aces and Faces Poker is a game developed by Genii that has an RTP of 99.25%. It is a video poker based on the Jacks or Better but with exciting in-game rewards and fun gaming interface.

In Between Poker

In between poker is a game developed by OneTouch that has an RTP of 94.59%. It is a rapid-fire game wherein it has a combination of classic and modern poker. It is also a unique mobile-first poker variant which you can easily play using your phone.

American Poker Gold

American Poker Gold is a game developed by Wazdan that has an RTP of 96.58%. When it comes to the graphics of the game, there is a magnificent bald eagle that appears on top of the paytable with stars hovering around it. It is also designed with the American presidents carved into Mount Rushmore. This game also received a lot of good feedback because of attractive and realistic graphics.

There is no dealer you need to play against with. All you need to do is to play with your 5 dealt cards and make your way to the jackpot prize. This game also uses separate decks of cards for each line. However, you can still use the locked cards to replace the cards you have.

Look out for the 5 of a Kind because it is the highest paying combination. You can also use the joker as a substitute for other cards. You can also double your winnings by enabling the gambling function.

Russian Poker

Russian Poker is a game developed by OneTouch that has an RTP of 99.54%. This game offers a unique version of player vs house poker. It is also where you are dealt with five cards and a chance to exchange cards or buy an additional card.

Turbo Poker

Turbo Poker is a game developed by Wazdan that has an RTP of 95.94%. It is where you will experience a fast-paced and intuitive poker game with simple rules. It is also designed with fiery graphics with blazing flames and warm colours to make your gaming experience more fun and exciting.

To play, all you need to do is to place your bets to deal with 5 cards. You can also have a quick overview of the paytable which is visible at the main screen of the game. It is also a combination of modern and traditional poker which is perfect for players who are looking for simple and old-school entertainment.

American Poker V

American Poker V is a game developed by Wazdan that has an RTP of 95.96%. What makes this game different from others is the atmosphere it gives. Instead of the usual poker graphics, there is a classic American car with a beautiful girl behind the wheel. It also offers classic and simple poker rules with interesting special bonuses!

Since America is the land of the free, you do not have to stick with the cards you have. You can easily unlock other cards and replace what you have. You also need to watch out for the 5 of a Kind because it is the highest paying hand.

The best thing about this game is that every time you draw a pair of Jack, Queens, Kings, or Aces, the mini bonus counter increases its value. Once it reaches 100, another pair activates the bonus. You can also double your wins with the gamble function. There is also a mega win feature where you can win up to 800x your stake.

Here are other poker games available at Luckyslots:

  • All American with an RTP of 96.08%
  • Joker Poker Kings with an RTP of 99.92%
  • Ace and Faces with an RTP of 98.51%
  • Deuces and Wild with an RTP of 96.85%
  • Tens or Better with an RTP of 97.73%
  • Bonus Poker with an RTP of 97.8%
  • Double Bonus Poker with an RTP of 99.92%
  • Double Joker Poker with an RTP of 96.87%
  • Jacks or Better with an RTP of 98.18%
  • In Between Poker with an RTP of 94.59%

With all of these poker games, have a fun time playing at Luckyslots!